Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's a Girl Thing...

Happy International Woman's Day, ladies! 

Being a woman is something that I have been proud of my whole life. I am pretty sure it started while I would watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show with my Mom while she fed my baby brother (i was four). Mary Richards played a single working woman in her 30s who wasn't desperate to settle down with a man (and proved she didn't need one). She offered woman a much needed role model, and at only four years old, I caught onto this and between my own Mother telling me I could be anything I wanted to be, and watching Mary Tyler Moore prove that women did not need to rely on a man in order to be successful, I knew how influential I could be to other woman as well. 

Isn't that what being a woman is all about? Inspiring and empowering each other? It's often confused that woman are in constant competition with one another. We are constantly worried about who is prettier, thinner, has better hair, makes more money, has the hotter boyfriend, got accepted into the better school, etc, etc, etc. Comparison SUCKS, and it's especially hard for women. Social media feeds alone are enough to drive you completely insane. Keep in mind those social media sites do a really good job of making life look a lot 'cooler' than it really is.

So stop comparing! Build one another up and be empowering. Be a cheerleader! Women (especially working mothers) blow my mind. Several of my friends are working Moms, and when we get together over coffee and they tell me what a normal day looks like for them, I am completely mind blown. You mean, you don't have time to shower ALONE? (and that's nothing). So, if you see a woman at Starbucks, or run into a woman waiting for the elevator in the morning, compliment her, smile at her, tell her to have a good day. Little things like that (whether you're a man or a woman) go a long way! So, instead of looking that woman up and down and wishing you had her shoes, tell her you LOVE them and maybe she'll give you some insight on that great sale she got them on!


SO many influential women are responsible for my desire to inspire others and are the reason behind why I am SO PROUD TO BE A WOMAN! Here are just a few of them...

My Mom - Without a doubt, the most caring, generous, woman I have ever met in my life. There isn't a heart bigger than hers. Thank you for everything, I love you.

Oprah Winfrey - Between her philanthropic activities and human rights awareness, rising from poverty to become the first African American Billionaire - i just love love love her.

Taylor Swift - The first time I saw her in concert, I just cried, and cried and cried. It is her world and we are just living in it.

J. K. Rowling - She got hundreds of millions of kids around the globe to love reading. That's pretty cool

Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Activist. I always think to myself, would I have had the guts to do what she did?

Diana, Princess of Whales - Diana's campaign for the acceptance of AIDS victims and her act of charity continues to inspire woman everywhere to this day.

Mother Theresa - Inspired others as a model of service and extreme goodness

The Spice Girls - Because, Girl Power.

Harriet Tubman
Anne Frank
Hillary Clinton
Amelia Earhart
Georgia O'Keefe
Coco Chanel
Audrey Hepburn
Oprah Winfrey
Annie Oakley
Lucille Ball
...just to name a few!!

Sorry, I know this was a lot of reading! Being a girl is just so FUN and I love celebrating womanhood and recognizing the woman who influence us (even if we don't realize it, they do). I don't want to know a world where there aren't manicures, pretty underwear, and equal rights for women. 

Who inspires you?

Girl Power! xoxo, Jaclyn

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  1. this is great . . . HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY! thank you for commenting on my blog.

    Life is just Rosie