Friday, March 18, 2016

March Madness in Maryland

Mix No. 6 Two-Tone Sandal | Manicure - OPI Alpine Snow 

It's that time of year again for March Madness! I love filling out a bracket and pretending I know a thing or two about basketball. Basketball is my #2 favorite sport to watch after football - it is always so exciting and most of the time the games are always down to the wire! This year I filled out my own bracket using the ESPN Tournament Challenge app and am competing against John! I know I probably don't have a chance, but it's fun to participate!

Since I was born and raised in Maryland, I have to root for them - and am SO excited they're doing good this year! John says we have a chance

I decided to wear a comfy cardigan and my favorite skinny jeans. They are both from New York and Company! I tied in my Maryland colors with this red scarf and the yellow on my heels! I just recently picked these heels up from DSW and I linked them above for you guys!

We took the day off from work to do some much needed relaxation and to enjoy the games. We are off to one of our favorite bars to hang out and cheer on Maryland as they place South Dakota State! 

Who's your favorite NCAA team?

Thanks for reading and LET'S GO TERPS!

xoxo, Jaclyn

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