Thursday, March 10, 2016

Preppy Professional

I love gingham. But I really love monogrammed gingham. This is one of my favorite outfits to wear to the office because it's preppy and professional. This pleated skirt is pocketed, which is perfect for carrying odds and ends to and from any meetings I need to go to (which frees up my hands for my coffee)! 

This gingham shirt is extremely versatile. Here I am showing it worn with the sleeves buttoned, but at work do I prefer to roll up my sleeves to show off my bracelets! I have strong feelings about three quarter length sleeves - the fact that they show off your jewelry and make your arms look slimmer make it a win win all around! This is why buttoned sleeves are so great, because it gives you the option! 

The best part about this outfit is the monogram of my initials on the shirt. If you don't know already, Marley Lilly is the best place to get anything monogrammed. They have jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags - you name it, they got it (with your monogram!) So if you like a little prep in your step check 'em out!

How about the weather this week? I love being able to sit outside during lunch (as some of you may know already from my Snapchat)! I feel like I actually get a break from the office when I actually leave the building! 

Is everyone as excited for the weekend as I am?!

xoxo, Jaclyn


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