Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pretty in Plum

Similar Sheath Dress here | Two-Pocket Madison Shirt | Devan Pumps in Taupe (comes in black and blue, too!) | Faceted Faux-Stone Chandelier Earring (only $6!) | Tassel Crossbody | Lipstick - MAC Rebel | Manicure - OPI Mod About You

How beautiful is this plum sheath dress? The fabric makes it feel so much more expensive than it really is. I love this dress because it is easy to layer. Whether I am putting a collared shirt on underneath, or throwing a cardigan on over top - this dress could easily go from office to wedding easy

When styling outfits, I really like to pay attention to what is appropriate for me to wear to the office (since that is where I spend most of my time). For this dress, I chose the collared shirt instead of a cardigan over the top to make it more professional. This almost gives off a menswear feel, which is timeless (ask Katherine Hepburn).

If you know me, you know that I prefer dresses and skirts over pants any day. When brainstorming all the different options for my pieces, I love to be able to take something that I would normally wear in the Summer (sleeveless dress) into a late winter office outfit (with items I already had in my closet)!

How's everyone's week going? What did ya'll think of the Bachelor Final Rose?! I am SO happy for Lauren B. and Ben!

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xoxo, Jaclyn



  1. Spectacular! Clad in our suits, we arrived here for the wedding and enjoyed every minute as we warmed ourselves in the comfort of good friends and joyful Holiday cheer. These truly are magical DC wedding venues for a special evening.